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Virtual Bee offers legitimate data entry work from home. Previously known as Key for Cash and relaunched with some changes to the way they operate, Virtual Bee has subsequently been taken over by The Smart Crowd. This is good news, showing a steady progress and continuity of business that you need if you want to make money working from home.

UPDATE: **MERGED WITH  The Smart Crowd, then Lionbridge Smart Crowd**

There’s no commitment required and never any cost to you. 

The work is to do data entry work of private information for their clients.

International workers: Virtual Bee is open worldwide, so long as you meet their requirements.

Virtual Bee offers some data entry work still, where you look at scanned number images, currency amounts, dates, or names and addresses – you then type them in as they appear on your screen. This is typing in captcha codes. Virtual Bee has recently joined forces with Lionbridge (The Smart Crowd) offering workers additional work opportunities. Work offered includes basic Internet research (e.g. compiling lists of business names and addresses), there’s also some telephone market research work available where you phone the companies to complete questionnaires and ask them more details about their business. This market research work is straight forward to do and you don’t need special skills or experience.

Virtual Bee pays varying amounts, depending on the tasks. Many tasks pay you based on the number of keystrokes you make. Lower rated jobs might pay $0.20-$0.60/1000 keystrokes. This is a similar rate of pay to The Smart Crowd. **Update:  The Smart Crowd merged with Virtual Bee, then Lionbridge Smart Crowd**

Virtual Bee’s rates are very low – with most people not managing to achieve anywhere near a minimum wage. The company have been included here simply for completeness. If you are new, then you might gain some data entry experience, that might lead you to discovering better paid jobs and opportunities.

Virtual Bee pays by check – which can be expensive for international workers to bank (e.g. possibly £8 in the UK). Virtual Bee’s payment threshold is $30, but if you’re going to lose $12 of that to pay the bank to cash the cheque it doesn’t really bode well as a serious contender. The Smart Crowd has a payment threshold of $50.

Because of the payment method, it’s probably best left to people who don’t have currency exchange costs.

Virtual Bee recruits US workers and international workers. You should be at least 18 years old.

No experience is required. There is a test you take to be admitted. You can re-take the test if you fail it.

You can work any hours you choose, by simply logging in – if there is work available to you then you set your hours and do the tasks.

Employment status is as an independent contractor. Virtual Bee do not hire employees. You have to register with your tax office, as appropriate, depending on your country.

Website: virtualbee – **MERGED WITH  The Smart Crowd, then Lionbridge Smart Crowd**

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