Niume Pays You For Writing

Niume Paid Writing Site Cambridge University

Niume is a website that pays you for writing short pieces, articles, news – it’s up to you! I’ve tried to join the “best sites” over the years to write for – but it can be difficult to choose and then you have to keep remembering to return and write!

UPDATE: Since the end of May 2017 Niume does not pay you for your writing.  They sent an email to members advising that the business model does not work and they will try to find other ways for influencers to earn money through opportunities. The wording in their email explained it thus:

Due to the growing costs of running the platform and decreasing revenues in the advertising industry we won’t be able to continue rewarding you for the traffic you bring to the platform and will stop paying Niume creators for views…. While we continue to believe that everyone who creates high quality content should be rewarded for their work, we are no longer able to provide that service directly.

In the coming months we will work on offering alternative sources of revenue to creators who join the platform, including custom content creation as well as influencer marketing opportunities.

Niume was created by graduates from Cambridge Judge Business School, England, which is part of the world famous Cambridge University.  I grew up in the town and know the University well, so feel fully confident that this platform is backed by proper entrepreneurs, with great business advice and guidance and is fully funded.

I’ve been VERY successful with Hubpages for the last 10 years – and still get a payout EVERY month, but I also know that it’s important to continually try new things. I’d never leave Hubpages, but I do need another bow to my string. And that’s why I’ve gone through my list of websites that pay you to write that I’ve researched and this time I’ve chosen Niume as the site where I’ll put my efforts in the new year.  Over 2 million members also share my enthusiasm.

Niume is like Bubblews (if you ever used that site, which made me a ton of money!) – in that you’re paid in some way for views and likes. The money comes from the advertising they place alongside your writing and you don’t need an Adsense account (you need one of those for Hubpages). All you need is a Paypal account to get paid.

What Can You Write About on Niume?

There are tons of subjects you can choose to write about – some people are writing up their favourite recipes, old family recipes, or their collections.  Others are writing about natural disasters, or science news.  Other writers prefer to write about celebrities, or TV shows…. what you write about will depend on what you’re interested in – and you don’t have to pick and stick to one subject. Mix it up a little!  Give advice, share your top tips, spread your interest and hobbies and enjoy the community by following other writers and meeting and mixing with them by leaving comments if you wish.  If you’re new, then you might choose to read more articles written to help you gain more views and increase your income.  If you’re a traveller, write about your travels – if you’ve no budget for travel and are trying to earn that money, then write about where to go and what to do in your own local area.  Fashion is a popular subject to write about – if you’ve flair and style you could really get noticed – and remember, each time somebody views your article it earns you cash!

Maybe you’re just starting out and want to go slowly – or maybe you’ve written for some sites before, so just want to find your feet and then run with your ideas…. it’s up to you.  There are no targets, just great opportunities for you to get words down on the screen and be paid for your efforts.

Learn all you need to learn about writing online and earning an income from it – grow that income – grow in confidence and enjoy what you’re doing!

Promoting Your Writing

If you’ve a Twitter account, they’ll even retweet your articles for you!  It’s as simple as filling in your Twitter account address in your profile. Job done!

How Much Does Niume Pay?

To be honest, the rate isn’t great – but if you’re starting out, look upon it as being paid to learn.  If you’re a seasoned pro you’ll find that sometimes you’ve got articles you’d like to write on other sites that “don’t fit” with the rest of your writing, making Niume a great alternative writing site to “dump” those great ideas and see what works!   Every site has a different dynamic and you get a “different feel” for each site, only you know where your writing has a best fit.

The rate at the moment is $1/1000 views.  There is also a referral programme if that floats your boat, you get paid $1 for each new member that produces their first post.   Payout occurs to your Paypal account once you’ve reached the $10 minimum – which should be really easy once you’ve found your feet!

UPDATE: Note, since the end of May 2017 Niume does not pay for views; they are changing their revenue sharing system, with more details available as things develop.

Check out Niume now, join and write your first post today – you will be paid a $1 Starter Bonus just for making that first post, so do it now!  Make this YOUR year for making a difference to your bottom line.