How Do you Make Money With Matched Betting?

How Make Money Matched Betting

You might have seen claims that you can make money with matched betting and that it’s a risk free way to make a lot of money, fast, then regularly. But is it true?

The short answer is: yes it’s true, you can.

However, you need to be careful because it’s not entirely risk free as you can get caught up in some unexpected events.

How Does Match Betting Work?

The basis of matched betting is by making use of offers/promotions that online betting companies give out. They give a “free bet” and you use it. But, you have to also be aware of each offer’s small print. Winnings are not entirely funded by using these free bets, but they are a big percentage as they give you free money.

Matched betting is fully explained on many reputable websites dedicated to making it work. You can join online communities to discover how to start matched betting. You don’t have to pay to join a group, in fact, avoid these until you know what you’re doing and just want the “extra help” they provide, such as pointing you directly at the matched offers that will make you the money. Joining a paid group is for people who know what they’re doing and who are simply wanting to be provided with a full/up to date and live list of where to place the bets, they’re paying to save (hours of) time.

How Much Money Can You Make?

There is potential to make £2000 per month, just from a few hours per day in the comfort of your own home. However, this is a figure you work up to, starting with what you can afford now, you end up betting with your winnings if you don’t spend your winnings.

Is Matched Betting Real?

Yes, many newspapers have written about this way of making money, including The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Huffington Post, Save the Student, and hundreds of online money making sites. Go and find what they say. Read all about it for yourself.

How Does it Actually Work?

In short, you need an event where there is only one winner from two possibles. Matched betting is where one of them has to win and one loses. You find where different companies are using different odds, back BOTH of the outcomes and you will always back the winner. The “risk free, free profits” are the difference between collecting the winnings and paying out your losses.

Imagine if you had two friends who both supported different football teams. If each offered you 2-to-1 for their team to win, you could safely bet with each friend £1, knowing that whoever won you’d be collecting £2 and paying out £1, pocketing £1 for yourself. Now, what if you’d taken their bets for £10, or £100? You’d know that you were going to win. If one team won you’d pay out £1 to one of your friends, but you’d be collecting £2 from the other.

And there are dozens of events each day where there is only one winner. You could bet many times a day.

Is Matched Betting Really Risk Free?

Nothing in life is 100% risk free.  There are chances that you’ll make a mistake, or misunderstand an offer, or the betting company might not like the look of the way you’ve been managing your account, so might freeze your funds.  All these you’ll learn about if you read more about it and understand what you’re getting into.

The risk is you might lose the value of a bet – which is why it’s better to start small and build up slowly until all the money you’re betting with is, in effect, your “profits and winnings”.  So just go easy, eh!

Do YOU Do This?

No, I don’t. I’m not one for sports, or betting, it holds no interest for me.  Yes, the returns are interesting, but I really don’t trust myself to understand and get it right every time, so I stay away from what is, according to some really good/solid friends of mine, easy money.  In short, I’m very unadventurous.