Tutors Get Paid High Rates

Tutors are highly paid professionals these days – most will require a degree, but some tutoring jobs don’t have this need for a degree.  In the UK families are now prepared to pay huge rates to get top tutors for their children.  Tutors Wanted

Below is a list of tutor companies that pay good rates, with some tutors charging £300-£1500/day, plus international travel, for the very best tutors prepared to put themselves out a little, maybe tutoring children to pass the Eton Entrance Exam, or the high profile case in 2011 when a student was offering £48,000 for a 4-month tutoring job to help them resit an essential exam they’d failed:

  • Tutors International: http://www.tutors-international.net
  • Tutorfair: http://www.tutorfair.com – create a profile and verify your ID, then clients can contact you through the website, paying you direct. The site adds you to their searchable database of tutors.
  • Bright Young Things: http://brightyoungthings.co.uk
  • Owl Tutors: http://www.owltutors.co.uk – online tutors and offline tutors. Owl Tutors salary and rates are good because they are all qualified teachers with excellent academic records and at least one year of teaching experience. All Owl Tutors are interviewed in person and the agency hold copies of their academic certificates and carry out criminal records checks.
  • PrivateTutors: http://www.private-tutors.co.uk – established in 1970, offering private, face-to-face tuition in the UK in school subjects at any level from basic to A-level (and beyond). The service is FREE to Tutors. You are self-employed and paid at the end of each lesson by the parents, through the website.  Fast cash, easy accounting! You can expect about 50 enquiries, with tutors in English and Maths being the most popular subjects.
  • EduFire: http://edufire.com – no longer operating. This was a California-based online platform for tutors.
  • UniversalClass: http://www.universalclass.com/teachonline/index.htm – create tutorial videos, submit the videos and if you’re accepted you get paid each time they’re used.
  • Buddy School: http://www.buddyschool.com/tutorial_teach.html – create your profile and people can start to contact you via the website. Students pay in advance and you get paid via Paypal.  Buddy School charge you $1 to advertise on their site, or $10/year.

There are plenty of other tutoring opportunities and websites out there, just make sure you’ve done your research and have found the best fit for your skills, hours you’ll work and your pay rate.  Don’t skimp and join the first website and think “that’ll do”.  Do your due diligence to get the best rate for your efforts!