TaskRabbit Bought by Ikea

Task Rabbit Gig Economy
Many people make a second income working through the TaskRabbit website, where they picking up “odd jobs” in their local area, or online jobs working over the Internet.  Before we’d all know the local “odd jobs person” to go to, but as people have moved away from traditional small communities it’s increasingly hard to find somebody to do a little job for you.  Small jobs, small projects, locally or further away – each person builds their own mix and match income that fits round their own lifestyle. If your neighbour were sitting in their house wishing they could get up a ladder to change a lightbulb … you’d help them wouldn’t you?  Some jobs are as simple as that.  Or maybe you’ve just a small skillset – you might like masking a room prior to decorating, or you love helping people to declutter – maybe YOU need to have a de-clutter to start a new business, free up that space!

People use TaskRabbit to help them with small tasks when they are setting up in business, moving house, or just need things doing! A small business might use TaskRabbit staff to do a leaflet drop; a home owner might want a simple shelf putting up! Small jobs, easily sorted.

This is all described as “The Gig Economy” – if you want to earn some money you get hired to do a specific job and you get paid.  Currently the focus of the site is on the home, household tasks, interior design, moving, packing and sorting things out.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

The rates paid are between the hirer and the person being hired. If you value your skills highly then the rates can be high, if you allow yourself to be “the cheapest person” you’ll make a rod for your own back. There’s no point being a “Busy Fool” – it’s better to work, say, 10 hours/week for £20/hour, than 20 hours/week for £10/hour!

Ikea bought TaskRabbit in September 2017, which will give it greater visibility and credibility with people who are “unsure about all this Internet money stuff”. With a big brand name backing them, TaskRabbit is the perfect match for all those people wanting somebody to put their Ikea flatpack furniture together for them! 🙂

Great Opportunity – the Best Time to Join!

With this big brand name behind it, there’s never been a better time to get those little jobs fixed around your house, to launch your new business and get admin help, or to sign up to offer yourself for hire to these people. Build a good reputation now and you can get some repeat customers or workers under your belt at a key moment in this industry.

Join TaskRabbit if you’ve got skills to share, or if you have your own little jobs around the house that need doing there’s even an introductory discount on your first job you want doing!

Join Taskrabbit, or simply find out more: TaskRabbit