Working From Home – Stuffing Envelopes

Working from Home Stuffing Envelopes Envelope stuffing jobs, working from home, have always been one of the most popular of jobs for people looking to work part-time or full-time from home. The online image you’ll see is one of a lovely smiley person quietly stuffing envelopes by hand, that’ve been delivered to their door and will be taken away again.

A couple of hours working from home stuffing envelopes, a smiling and cheery delivery man, a delivery, a collection and a nice cheque in the post.  Sounds nice, we’d all like that – but that’s what they want you to think the job of stuffing envelopes is like. Stuffing Envelopes Jobs Work From Home

Unfortunately, I have to burst that bubble for you right now!

The bottom line is there are few genuine jobs working from home stuffing envelopes that need to be advertised, especially online advertising. It simply doesn’t happen often, but don’t give up looking.

Envelope stuffing machines do the majority of envelope stuffing jobs. If any hand stuffing is required, then the work will come via word of mouth. There will always be more than enough people who could do envelope stuffing locally, without having to resort to the Internet.

If you see an advert to work from home stuffing envelopes, dismiss it – and if you do pursue it you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be asking you to send them money.

Find something else, this site’s full of other ideas for you to try!

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