Work at Home Companies: Cloud 10

Cloud 10 is a virtual call center with its headquarters based in Denver, Colorado. **CLOSED DOWN**

Cloud 10 hire agents from across the United States to work from their homes answering in-bound customer service calls. Custom software allows calls to be routed directly to the agent’s home computer via the internet, so you don’t need a dedicated phone line.

Cloud 10’s customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses, providing support in areas such as customer service, finance, sales, and technical expertise. Cloud 10 Closed Down

Cloud 10 offer work at home agents:

  • Set schedules. All agents work the same set schedule each week instead of bidding for work or signing in daily to see if hours are available (schedules can vary depending on hours of operation and client requirements, and may include nights, weekends or holidays).
  • Hourly pay rates.  Agents are paid by the hour based on when they sign into our systems and become available to take calls (in accordance with scheduled hours). Pay is not based on the actual number of calls received or talk time, as with many work at home companies.
  • An employee relationship. Cloud 10’s At Home Professionals are employees, not independent contractors. Payrolls are deposited via direct deposit every other Friday, and all appropriate taxes are taken care of.
  • Paid Training.  Cloud 10 is a company that appreciates hard work and dedication and values its employees. There is a paid training program which provides agents with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a valued member of the team.
  • A real job. Agents, in most cases, work 5 days per week, between 32 to 38 hours each week. Cloud 10’s At Home Professionals enjoy the best of both worlds; a fulfilling and challenging career, an opportunity to be part of a successful team, and daily interaction with other employees – all while enjoying the advantages of working from home: No more wasting valuable time on daily commutes. Less money spent on gas, car maintenance and clothing.

Website: **CLOSED DOWN**

UPDATE: Cloud 10 work at home jobs are now being offered through Transcom

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Last checked November 2016