This big list of work at home companies is to help to make it easy for you to see who is hiring work at home workers. There are companies who employ homeworkers, opportunities to start your own party plan company – and a myriad of other options available to you.

The list of work at home companies will be forever growing as we add new resources and companies into it. It’s hoped you can directly gain benefit from the time we’ve put into this. List Work Home Companies

Work at Home Companies

There are a variety of jobs that can be done by people just like you who work at home. Relying on the ability of modern telephones to route calls and the Internet to connect you to Head Office, more and more companies are seeing the benefits of outsourcing their staff, either employed or self-employed, to work remotely.

List of Work at Home Companies

Company/Website LinkWork at Home Job TypeDutiesEmployed/Self-EmployedNotes 2003-2011Current Work at Home Vacancies
ACD DirectInbound call takingTo receive inbound calls on behalf of charities to support fundraising activities.
TBASeasonal work, some weekend working possible.
Alpine AccessInbound call takingTaking inbound customer service calls for a variety of online retailers and businessesEmployedUS and Canada. Alpine do make a charge of $45 for their information pack and starter kit, but they are legitimate
Custom LoyalOutbound call makingTo contact existing customers of businesses to ensure customer satisfaction is high.EmployedUS. Custom Loyal employ over 200 work at home staff
LionbridgePC/Internet based tasksTo perform internet searches to make sure they are relevant and correct for your country.EmployedWorldwide
Working SolutionsOutbound call makingTo work on customer retention projects on behalf of clients.TBAUS
LiveOpsInbound call takingTo receive inbound calls, in a variety of sectors. Some sectors pay more highly than others, such as insurance.Self-employed/Independent AgentUS only
Jobs at ReadyforceOnline video interviewing of jobs candidatesExperienced HR professionals to interview job candidates by video link.TBAUS only
Jobs at TutorJamOnline tutors.Online tutorsTBAUS, Canada, India
Jobs at ChaChaVarious online rolesVarious online rolesSelf-employed, independent Agent.US, worldwide
West at HomeCustomer service jobs.Receiving inbound calls; making outbound calls.EmployedUS only
ConvergysCustomer service jobs.Inbound telephone call answering.EmployedUS, Canada, United Kingdom
Applied Medical ServicesMedical TranscriptionMedical transcription servicesIndependent AgentUS
Accolade SupportCustomer service jobs. Tech support jobs.Inbound telephone call answering.TBAUS only
ARO, Call Centre OptionsCustomer service jobs, call centre jobsInbound telephone call answeringTBAUS only
Cloud 10Customer service jobsInbound telephone call answeringEmployedUS only
Extended PresenceSales jobsProfessional work at home sales rolesTBAUS only
Service 800Customer service jobsInterviewing customers for feedback.TBAUS-only
Intrep SalesCustomer service jobsWork at home sales consultant roles.TBAUS-only
Virtual Office TempsSecretarial jobs and virtual assistant jobs.Work at home admin jobs and work at home typing.IndependentTBA
Disciples CrossHome Assembly JobsWork at home making simple craft goods.Self-employedUS-only