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There are many typist roles to do at home, whether you’re a 2-fingered typist, or a fully-qualified PA/secretary, if you want to find typing jobs and work from home then you just have to think a little laterally and you can start to uncover the opportunities available to you to find online typing work from home.
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The following are some typical typist roles you can do at home, choosing your own hours:

Freelance Typist

If you’re fully qualified and a fast typist, then probably the best way to make money and work at home is by finding a typist role that involves either copy typing or audio typing. The easy way to work from home as a home typist is to get registered with some freelance sites and start bidding for work. While this might seem daunting if you’ve not done it before, freelance websites are free to join, the typing jobs are real work, you choose which typing jobs you want to do and you contact the advertiser with your price. They then choose from the people who have applied. Being a home typist through freelance websites is usually the fastest way to kick start your work at home income as a Home Typist.

Companies who advertise on freelance websites aren’t looking for the cheapest person – they want the job done professionally and to deadline. Sometimes they will have specific instructions within their advert, such as “English must be your first language”, or “Type the words HIRE ME in your reply” – simple instructions that many fail to follow and could enable you to snap up the home typing work quite easily.

Freelance websites can provide a lot of home typing jobs and you can quickly gain a reputation for the quality of your work and get rebooked regularly, even increasing your rates substantially once established as people’s “go to” typist!

Advert Typist

The typing role of an advert typist can suit those people whose typing skills aren’t great, or who can’t commit to the deadlines set by regular employers to complete copy typing work.

As an advert typist you will need to find a product to promote and then type adverts encouraging people to check out the product and buy it. There are thousands of products and services that will pay you to introduce new customers to them, this is known as affiliate marketing.  The catch is – you have to pay to advertise, most advert typist jobs have always been “cons”, a scam.  They lead you into something you didn’t expect.  So never pay for any such advert claiming you can make a fortune.

If you want to become an advert typist, then you’ll need to know where to find thousands of companies who will pay you to successfully promote their products. Some companies will pay you to give away free samples, making a great fit with typing adverts.  If you do ever answer an ad for an advert typist, having paid, you’ll discover that all they’re really telling you are the steps below, except I’ve swapped out Step 5 with my own variation, the paid for ebooks will tell you to pay for Google Adwords, but you can trial the idea with free classified ads websites.

The steps are:

  1. Join some ad networks, these are free. Some will want to ‘approve’ you and will ask you questions about how you plan to promote the products. You really need to be looking for those that don’t approve your website – because you don’t have one.
  2. Choose a product to promote from the hundreds available in the ad networks you join.
  3. Register with a bunch of free classifieds websites. These are the websites you’ll be placing adverts on
  4. Write out some adverts for the products you have chosen, including your special affiliate link (you need this so you are credited with any sales)
  5. Post your adverts onto each of the free classified ads websites

There are certainly plenty of typing roles for work at home typists. Work at home typing jobs include the full range of clerical, admin and secretarial roles you would be able to find in any office. In addition, there are typing roles which are purely Internet-based consisting of tasks such as typing classified advertisements into online forms for companies with products to promote, or even typing short articles onto blogs or article websites.

Medical Billing Transcription

If you live in the US, then medical billing transcriptionists are needed to work at home 0 employed by the thousands of healthcare providers. When a patient attends a medical appointment, the Doctor or healthcare professional needs to record the appointment and the medications and interventions for the patient bill, usually forwarded to the patient’s healthcare insurance company so the bill can be paid. This is a skilled job as you need to understand the role and learn the different codes that are used within the industry that appear on the bill.

There are many training courses for medical billing transcriptionists, although you would need to fully research this market as it might just be over-subscribed already in your area and you might find you’re training for a job that simply doesn’t exist. There are also a lot of “suck you in” scams based around medical billing transcription jobs.

Medical Transcription

Private Doctors will have medical transcriptionists to type up reports for each patient they see. The Doctors won’t type their own reports! This is work I’ve done myself and it’s straight forward audio typing – I found 2-3 occupational healthcare Doctors to work for and was being paid about £15/$22 per hour to receive, transcribe and send back the medical reports. Often this work will come with deadlines, each Doctor will have different deadlines, depending on what their client contract states. In my case I found I was having to transcribe 3-6 reports within 24 hours of receiving them.

Some Doctors will be recording onto audio tapes and will be happy to send them to you by recorded delivery, or for you to collect them – others have embraced technology and will create digital audio recordings which are emailed to you. To transcribe physical audio tapes you’ll need special equipment, with a foot pedal to control the tape speed/replay/rewind; digital tapes can be played back using free software available online, but you’ll still need a simple foot pedal to control the recording; the foot pedal can double your productivity, so isn’t worth trying to put off buying.

Some work at home typing roles are repetitive and boring tasks. Over time you can look at increasing the volume of more interesting work, but in the early days you might just have to take what’s available. Think hard about the type of typing roles at home you would enjoy doing regularly before you actively start to promote your services. If you are looking for easy part-time typing roles to do at home, then typing roles that describe themselves as “typing classified advertisements into online forms” might appeal, but actually requires financial investment, skill and risk to you. So make sure you understand what the work is, how you get paid, where the money comes from.

Start a Secretarial Business

Work at home typing roles can really bring in a good and steady income – and there’s always room for you to start a new secretarial business in your local area, helping local businesses with their typing jobs.


Last checked January 2017