How to Make Fast Cash with Bubblews

If you’re here wondering how you can make fast cash online, then the best opportunity right now is with Bubblews . This is a simple to use social networking/personal blogging site where you can make up to 10 posts/day about anything and you’re paid based on the number of views your post gets, how many people liked it and how many comments get left.

UPDATE: Bubblews closed down in 2016.

This is work from home with low start up costs as it’s completely free.

Bubblews pays out by Paypal once you reach $50. If you’re entirely new it might take you 2-3 weeks to find your feet and make that first payout; if you’re already writing online or blogging then you might be able to make that first payout faster.

After your firsBubblews Closed Downt payout things seem to speed up and it’s not unusual for people to be cashing out $50 each week, with an increasing number of members reporting $50/day.

To date, I’ve made nearly $3000 and am now getting $50 every 3-5 days. I had a slow start and had some months off as I was moving house; if I’d cracked on from the start things would have been better.

There are THREE types of people you will find on the site:

  1. Proper/good writers and bloggers, who are making good money
  2. People who use it as a simple personal blogging site, simply possting “good morning” messages, or posts about their day, their family, their cat etc ….
  3. The usual spamming idiots, who get banned quite quickly.

Seek out types [1] and [2] and ignore the others.

How it works:

  • You join, that’s free.
  • There’s a short profile you can fill in about yourself. It’s VERY short.
  • To create a post hit the SUBMIT button, give your post a title, choose a category, then type into the box and press Submit at the bottom. ┬áJust 400 characters (not words), which is just too easy!

The key to success is having people connect to you, because each time you create a new post they receive a notification, so they’ll return to read your post and you get paid for views!

It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s free – and posts only have to be 400 characters long minimum (that’s tiny).

This is the best way to make fast cash online – and I’ve tried a LOT of ways in the past!

Sometimes the server gets busy – they’ve grown faster than they expected, but 99% of the time there are no issues and it’s getting better as they are keeping on top of the upgrades they need.

You can make a maximum of 10 posts/day, 50/week is a good figure to aim for. After 20 weeks you’ll have made 1000 posts and you might be surprised to find you’re making $100/week at this point.

UPDATE: Bubblews has now changed everything – they reduced the payments, made things less clear – and lost the confidence of most writers. Earnings potential on Bubblews is now 1/10th of what it was. I have reduced my writing on Bubblews to just 2-3 posts/week, I was doing 5-6/day. I received and was paid by Bubblews over $2000, but that was hard earnt!

UPDATE: Bubblews closed down in 2016.

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