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Although you might not have heard of Workforce Logic before, they employ a lot of people who work at home. Google Inc. offers a few telecommute positions via Workforce Logic Services, so they are very reputable. They offer jobs such as Quality Rater and Ads Quality Rater.  The company is now owned by Zero Chaos.

Workforce Logic have over 80 similar clients, several of whom are often needing work at home staff.

Many of the work at home jobs on offer are part-time hours, of 10-20 hours/week. While some of them are ongoing, some are for short-term contracts too.

In the case of Google, the work of Ads Quality Rater is to manually check each Google Adwords submission, looking for inappropriate ads, or websites which break the Terms of Service of placing ads onto the Google network. So you’d see an advert, click through to the site, check that what the advert said was not misleading – and ensure the website people were sent to wasn’t illegal or selling illegal goods/services as defined by the Google Terms of Service rules. Workforce Logic Work From Home Jobs

Hiring work at home workers is seasonal and cyclical, with 2-3 recruiting sessions each year. When you apply to Workforce Logic do not be surprised if you don’t hear anything for a few weeks, or even a couple of months. When you do get a reply they’ll want a rapid turnaround of the “test” they send you, so be ready for that.

Once you’re hired, you simply log onto their system and allocate tasks to yourself. Pay is usually in the range $15-20/hour.

Their website states:

Many of our colleagues work virtually, as well, either from home offices or offices inside some of the best-known companies in the world.

** In January 2012, Workforcelogic was taken over by **

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