Earn $100-200/Month Fast

If you want to earn $100-200/month extra, quickly (and potentially a LOT more), then I can confirm that BubbleWS is the best site to earn money online right now.

UPDATE: Bubblews closed down in 2016. I made (good) money while it lasted!

UPDATE: Since this post was written, Bubblews went through a few changes and is no longer the high paying, fast cash solution it was in the early days. ¬†Although I was paid over $2000 on Bubblews it’s not now worth my time. ¬†They killed the goose that was laying my golden eggs!

This emerging company was started in May 2012 and people are reporting phenomenal success from it. At first I was a sceptic (heard it all before!) – and I tentatively tried it, slowly, and was blown away by the results. It’s possible to earn $500+ per month in your first couple of months if you put a little effort in – and then increase that in the coming months.

Dozens of successful Hubpages writers have flocked to the site, finding they are very quickly earning more on BubbleWS than on Hubpages. But this is perfect for beginners as it’s so simple to understand and do, probably the easiest online writing site I’ve seen.

With BubbleWS you create short articles, minimum of 400 characters (about 80 words). Once you’ve published that (takes 2-3 minutes if you’re writing about something you know), it’s then on their site and you’re paid every time somebody views it.

The site was started by Arvind, who didn’t see why Facebook was making a ton of money from advertising – but not sharing it with the users. With BubbleWS 50% of the advertising revenue is shared with its members.

What You’re Paid For

You’re paid for:

  • Views
  • Each Like
  • Each Comment left

How BubbleWS Works:

You write something interesting, or useful, other people will view it and you’re paid. If it’s really good people will “Like” it and you’re paid again. If it sparks a good response, people will leave comments and you’re paid again.

You’re paid roughly at a rate of $0.01 per view, per like and per comment. This means that each short article you write has the potential to pay you $0.03 for each view (if a person views, likes and comments).

Increasing Your Views:

If somebody likes what you write they might “connect” with you, think of this as being equivalent to a Facebook like – and each time you publish a new article all those people are notified, which means there’s a strong chance they will visit your latest posts and view, like, comment.

Refer a Friend – while there is a referral program, you won’t make much money using it, so it’s best for most to not bother. They pay just $0.20 per active signup (one article published), with no residual income. On a time-v-cost basis you’re better off spending the time writing another article!

BubbleWS Payments

Get Paid on BubbleWSYou can redeem your payment once you’ve reached $50 (for most people that might be 3-4 weeks from starting). But by then you’ve got a lot of people following you, so future payouts get quicker each time.

You can choose to be paid by a variety of methods:

  • Paypal
  • Get sent a check
  • Visa gift card
  • “Buy me this” – and you can choose a gift.

My Payments in First Three Weeks

To the end of January 2014 I have been paid over $1400 from Bubblews. In the first three weeks, I received the following payments:

  • 15 August 2013 $25
  • 22 August 2013 $25

Note: When I joined, the mimimum redemption amount was $25, it’s since been doubled to $50.

The period between redemptions decreases as you write more.

Joining BubbleWS

Bubblews closed down in 2016, so you can’t join any more. Shut up shop and disappeared into the night.

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