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If you are looking for legit home assembly work, capable of paying you over $2,000/month, then you should check out Disciples Cross – they have been established for many years offering legit home assembly work to people just like you, who work from home.  However, you do have to understand that this type of legit home assembly work is creating a range of goods for resale, so they need to be of a merchantable quality (good enough to sell).

If you’re useless at anything crafty or creative – and have a chaotic lifestyle without the space to sit and perform good, honest home assembly work, then it is probably not for you.Disciples Cross Work at Home Jobs

In common with all Home assembly work, you will be sent all the materials and instructions you need and you will be required to assemble their goods for them and send them back.  Quality must be good.  Once they’ve received back what you made, they check the quality and you get paid. The crosses are just 1½”x1″ in size.

This type of home assembly work is a simple business model – the company is able to save on providing premises and employing people – and has a flexible work force that can be used to match the peaks and troughs of the orders they have coming in.  Everybody wins.

If you are a neat worker, with a good work ethic and an eye for detail, then there is no reason for you to not look into legit home assembly work companies – and this is a legit opportunity for you to turn your spare time into a good income, that you control.

Disciples Cross

With Disciples Cross, the product range is a Christian cross necklace.  They are mostly sold as church fundraising items.

The Disciples Cross has been manufactured by home workers for over 20 years and is a trademark.  The deal they offer is very lucrative if you genuinely have the skills and discipline to make THIS your work at home income.

First, you become a Certified Disciple’s Cross™ Producer. You do this by sending off for a Starter Kit. The Starter Kit contains everything you need to make up to 25 of the Disciples Cross, including a DVD with full demonstrations. Once you’ve studied the DVD and got into the swing of things, you should be able to make one cross in 5-10 minutes or so (probably 5 minutes without looking once you’ve been doing it a couple of weeks!). They are not difficult to make – just watch the DVD and make 1-2 very slowly, thinking about what you are doing … then you can speed up as it becomes second nature.

Once you’ve sent your crosses back, they are inspected and you are paid on the Friday following the inspection.

Costs and Income

Once you’ve become Certified, your ongoing costs are to buy the materials at $1 for each cross. You are then paid $1.25 for each completed cross you send back, plus a reimbursement of $1 for each set of materials used. So, you pay out $1, you make one cross, once approved you are paid $2.25. If you are making one every 10 minutes, that’s 6/hour, so $7.50/hour. If you’re making one every 5 minutes, that’s 12/hour, or $15/hour. So, to take some middle ground, if you are making 10 crosses/hour you will receive $12.50/hour.

The only other costs you will pay will be to buy some varnish from your local hardware store (each cross needs to be dipped twice) – a tin will last you weeks – and your postage. You will also be able to offset these costs, along with any other costs of running your business (the space you use at home) against your tax bill. The Starter Kit even tells you how to get the official IRS publication for doing your tax return.

Making Disciples Crosses Full-Time

There will be some people who sit and make the crosses full-time. For most it will be a part-time income that fits ideally round their home life. Once you’ve got to the stage where you’re so nimble you don’t even have to look what you’re doing, you can be sitting in a comfy chair watching a film! However, quality is key – go easy at first until you become expert.

How Much Money Can You Make? How Does $2000/Month Sound?

Disciples Cross is not a get rich scheme and it’s not a pyramid scheme. It’s a legitimate way to do home assembly work and produce an income working from home, choosing your own hours. There is a limit to how much money you can make.

The Disciples Cross company set a limit of 400 crosses per household per month. This is to stop exploitation and to stop home workers burning themselves out to meet crazy targets. Once you’re up to speed one person can make 400 crosses in one week, full-time. A standard pack of crosses is 50 units, so that would be 8 boxes per week. Roughly speaking, this comes back down to being able to make 10/hour on average, for a 40 hour working week (with no commuting costs and wearing your PJs!). If you make 400 crosses and all get accepted, then you’d receive $500 the following Friday (plus your $400 back that you paid out for materials) – that’s over $2000/month after reimbursements.

Money Back Guarantee

Once you’ve placed your order, you can get your money back if you change your mind. There is a small admin fee, but this stops you from making a mistake if you have a change of circumstances or simply change your mind.

In addition to that, the company CEO gives you his personal details and cell phone number for any questions you might have regarding the legitimacy of his company.

Disciples Cross Want You to Succeed

This is a legit company – who want you to produce high quality crosses that they can sell to their customers. They are not in the business of selling starter kits to people as a business!

Sell the Cross Yourself

Additionally, if you feel you can make and sell the Disciples Cross locally yourself for more money, then you are completely free to do so. Why not send some back to the company and get paid – and make a separate batch for yourself and book a craft table and sell them yourself at a price YOU decide. This is all perfectly legitimate for you to do. You can keep your crosses and sell them at flea markets, craft shows, church fundraisers, or even directly to Christian bookstores. You set the price you want to sell them for, and you keep 100% of the profits. Disciple’s Cross™ does not require a royalty from your outside sales. Whatever money you make, you keep – and there’s no need to even let them know as you are free to sell the crosses back to the company, or sell them yourself. All your choice.

No Brainer

Just check it out. US ONLY.

Disciples Cross

Last checked: November 2016