Pikistore Commissions

Pikistore is your own shop, so YOU set the commissions as YOU set the prices! Pikistore is an online T shirt store that costs nothing to set up, but that lets you instantly start earning money working from home. Pikistore Commission

Pikistore is based in the US and all orders are despatched from Arizona, making this best operated by US residents.  Pikistore Commissions are whatever you want them to be!  You set the selling price, so you get to choose the Pikistore commissions you earn at Pikistore.

Pikistore T shirts lets you create your own real independent site, meaning you have more control as you’re not a small part of their big website, but a real independent trader.  They are quite clear about this, saying “Pikistore is the first t-shirt store creation site that lets you create your own real independent site, not just a site that is part of a larger portal with no real control.”

When you sign up with Pikistore you get:

  • A complete T shirt store
  • Fully customizable
  • You are visibly independent of the parent company (Pikistore)
  • It is completely free.

From your own independent store you can sell a variety of goods, including t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags and more.   You have control over your design, the products you choose, your mark-up (profit), site statistics and more.   You never have to stock or pack/send a single product!

Not only that but you can design your own T shirts to sell – and even make your designs available to your customers for them to customise further!  The guys who set up Pikistore really thought about what makes a great S shirt business and put it all online for you to be able to run your own business at no cost to you!

Your customers come to your store and pay Pikistore through the checkout process (which is all handled by Pikistore).  The products are despatched, then you’re paid.  No risk to you, no cost to you.

Website: http://www.pikistore.com
Pikistore Commissions