Alternatives to Bubblews

Alternatives to Bubblews are currently rife, which Bubblews alternative will last it out and still be around in 2-3 years isn’t something anybody can predict.

Bubblews was a great fast cash generator when I first joined. I joined as I needed a fast cash injection and I personally banked and received over $2000 from Bubblews. However, everything in the world changes and Bubblews quickly changed the rules and the payment amounts. For me it meant a drop from $8/post down to $0.08/post. Clearly no longer worth it! Even at $8 it was barely worth it – in fact it was only worth it for me at that moment in time as I wanted fast cash. Alternative Sites To Bubblews

I liked that I could bank over $100 the same week if I put the hours in. That changed though – and now Bubblews is not the same site it was – which is why we’re all looking for Bubblews alternatives as it’s simply not a good use of time there any more as an income stream.

So, if you’re looking for alternatives to Bubblews, I’m keeping a central list of writing sites, so as they appear/disappear or change I can update just that one list. To see the latest list and status, check the ongoing list of writing sites. I don’t write for them all – nobody could!: Online Writing Jobs Sites