Your Own Business – Low Budget Ideas.

Starting Your Own Business Needn’t Cost a Fortune!

Low cost start up businesses are a great way to work at home, get started quickly and have minimum risk or cost. A low cost start up business should cost less than one day’s pay at national minimum wage…. which means it’s an achievable cost and goal for most people – and for many it’s a no-brainer. A business for less than the cost of a nice bottle of perfume, yet that has the ability to make you so well off you no longer know how much such things cost, you simply buy them.

If you’re looking to start your own business, the first question you will work out is whether you are going to sit down and work out everything for yourself, or whether you are going to learn from the mistakes of others.

Low Cost Start Ups

Buying a business or buying a business template can be a great way to get started quickly as all the research and testing has been done for you. What you get to start with is something that works – and all you have to do is promote it!

The Internet has enabled cheaper online business startups to be made available as the enquiry process and delivery process are automated. If you want to buy into a system, you can do it instantly online at any time of night or day. No waiting. And for the person/company who worked it all out, the programmers who programmed systems, the writers who wrote the materials … they are delivering your business to you digitally, so there are no postage and packing costs. No printing costs. No staffing costs to get you everything you need to your door.

You can therefore buy into a low cost start up business quite cheaply. There are many reasons you might want to buy into a business cheaply:

  • You might wonder how it works. Sometimes I buy systems just to work out “how do they do that”?
  • You might be nervous or unsure if it will work out for you, so if you can buy a business and give it a go for less than a meal out, it makes sense.
  • You might just be short of cash right now and just want to buy the best you can afford for now.
  • You might want something that’s already set up, so you start promoting it straight away

But whatever your reasons, there are good reasons for buying a ready made business.

And don’t forget to check ready made businesses on ebay! I know I am always finding fresh and exciting ready-made businesses that catch my eye.

Low cost start up businesses also encompass catalogue distributors (e.g. Kleeneze) and party plan consultants.  Some of these are free, some charge for a Starter Kit which usually includes a high value of their products.

You need to think whether you want to start something yourself from scratch that’s a low cost start up, or buy into a brand to promote.

An Out of the Box Solution

When looking to start your own business, quite often what you really need is what’s called “out of the box”.

That is something already set up and ready to run. These will always cost a few pounds, because somebody’s put a LOT of effort and time into researching the business and setting it up so you can use it instantly.

In fact, when running your own business unaided you might find yourself so bogged down with trying to find out everything you need and fitting it all together that you never ever actually get to the point where you can launch it and start earning an income from it!

So what’s going to be a good one? On this page are links to the business opportunities I’ve found that look best/most interesting. They are the ones I will look at doing next time I want to do something new working from home.

At the moment I have a job working from home, but as with all companies you can be laid off at the drop of a hat! So I am always aware that I need to be building my own actual business so I am in control and I can’t get laid off. Here I am collecting together all the good looking opportunities, so when I need to build something I can come straight here and I know where I kept a list of the good ones!

In the meantime, you can short cut your searches and just have a look at my list. All of them are cheap to start up or they wouldn’t be here.

Good luck looking for work from home, but if you really want to earn money working from home, you need to be running your own business and not dancing to somebody else’s tune!

Last checked April 2015