At the opposite end of the scale to earning money, is saving it – and there are a lot of ways you can save money these days, even without changing what you’re buying. Saving money with cashback is something thousands of people are doing every day. Cashback Sites

Cashback sites save you money by paying you cashback on purchases you were already planning on making. They do this as they’re paid an “Introducer Fee” by the big companies – and they simply pass that fee onto you.

Cashback sites are usually free to join, so there’s your first saving!

Cashback sites will give you large savings in shops, or online. And remember – you’re getting cashback for products and services you’d already decided you were going to make, so you can’t lose! And, it’s all legit.

One word of warning though: don’t rely on the cashback, don’t buy something JUST because you get cashback. Cashback companies, while honourable and legitimate, are simply private companies and, as such, there’s always the risk that they might go out of business. If you’ve got cash in a cashback site, it’s always a wise move to remove the cash into your own bank account as soon as possible – and not to use the cashback site as a savings account.

The two best cashback sites for the UK are:

There are other UK cashback sites, but these are the ones paying the most cashback and most reliably. Topcashback is 100% free, Quidco is 100% free to join but there’s a £5 admin fee which they take from your cashback if you’ve earnt enough; if you haven’t then there’s no admin fee payable.