Start Your Own Online Business Running a Classified Ads Website in Just 10 Minutes

Even with no previous experience, you can run a classified ads website – and you can quite easily create an income-generating classified ads Website in 10 Minutes, or if you’re completely new to everything it might take you one day to get it all setup and in place – but you can see how attractive this proposition is. One modern and straight forward way is to use WordPress and a professional WordPress plugin that does all the hard work for you.

Everybody wants to advertise something – and thousands of people are looking for places to buy, so it’s easy to find yourself the essential website visitors you need!

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to set up a classifieds ad website, then you’ll be pleased to find it’s a lot easier than you thought! Starting classified ads can be practically automated.

Things have really raced forward in the last 1-2 years, making systems like this affordable, available and VERY easy to set up. You no longer need to have any technical knowledge, or have to install scripts on your own server, it’s just a breeze.

Costs Involved

Start a Classified Ads WebsiteThe costs to set up a classified ads website are quite small, you’ll need:

  1. A domain name and hosting (that’s just a fancy name for internet server space where your files will be stored and run from). These can be bought as a package, or separate. If you’re new and non-technical, then just choose a package from a well-known hosting company.
  2. A classified ads script, or if you’re using WordPress then a plugin, the ClassiPress plugin is ideal for this.

Those are the “must have” costs. Beyond that, you can choose whether to invest in:

  • The best web design you can afford, even if it’s a template, to change the look/feel so it’s just how you want it
  • An advertising budget, although you could simply use other free classified ads websites to advertise your own or social sharing sites.

But these aren’t necessary to start a classified ad website.

Creating a classifieds ad website can enable you to do any, or all, of the following:

  • Make money online purely from the classified ads website sales
  • Generate traffic to your existing website or a new website, by creating a classifieds section (there’ll be one on this website soon)
  • Build your mailing list as people have to join to post, so you have a ready made mailing list.
  • Make money every day, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing (even sleeping), somebody somewhere might be paying to place a classified ad on your site! Or, if you’ve got other paid ads on your site the traffic arriving at your site might be generating you an income through impressions or clicks.
ClassiPress - Premium Classified Ads Theme

A classified ads website alone can generate an income all by itself – see how popular Gumtree and Craigslist are, or you can use it to promote your own business by providing your visitors, customers or members with classified ads (free or paid for), giving them a good reason to revisit your site regularly.

Website owners around the world use classified ads websites to build themselves an email list easily by giving away free classified ads; easily generate website traffic; build yourself an extra income stream; build classified ads websites for fun or profit.

Small businesses and start up businesses are crying out for free or affordable classifieds sites to place their adverts on.

There’s always room for another free classified ads website – maybe you can target it just at your local area, or for a specific industry or hobby. One classified ads website that’d be very popular would be a targetted events/what’s on classified ads website. A one-stop shop for everywhere to go within your town, region or county.

If you’re keen to start this low cost business idea – and it’ll be something you own entirely – then it could pay you to investigate this. People with goods and services are always looking to advertise them for free, or for a small charge.

What makes this a great idea is it costs so little you can start today and you stand a good chance of getting your money back in a very short time. If you already have an Adsense account, you can earn even more. Adsense would be my preferred choice of adverts to run on the site because it’s so easy.

Buy a Ready Made Classified Ads Website

If you don’t want the hassle, if you simply want to own and run a classified ads website, then there are plenty ready to go that you can buy online, on ebay for example.

With these, somebody has done the hard work to set up a classified website – and is now selling it. They are interested in building classifieds sites, but not running a classified ads site – often they’re web design companies who spend four days a week doing web design, then one day a week designing ready-made websites for sale.

ClassiPress - Premium Classified Ads Theme

If you want instant and easy way to start a classified ads website then check out the the ClassiPress plugin to get you started today!


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