One thing that’s great about freelance jobs is they can be almost instant cash, so if you need to earn fast cash then these are great, legit, jobs in plentiful demand.  If you need a fast turnaround in your fortunes, you can usually find some freelance jobs that need doing this week – and payment can be direct into your Paypal account within a couple of days. Every freelance site will have a different selection of work available – and you need to really join a few to see which one suits you best in terms of volume of jobs you can find of interest and ease of use. It’s a bit like whether you use a Mac or a PC – both will have their followers, neither are a bad choice simply because others get on better with one or the other. It’s all personal choice, what feels good to you!

Freelance jobs are wholly legit and they’re actual jobs that somebody somewhere needs doing – by advertising these jobs to freelancers they get an instant pool of talent that they can dip into and simply get the job done.Freelance Copywriting Jobs

Not all freelance sites charge for membership, so you can even launch your freelance career immediately without needing any money at all, ever.  It’s you that’s being paid, not the other way round.

Typical freelancers tend to be writers, designers, translators and virtual assistants – but beyond that there are freelance jobs most people can do.  Imagine out there, right now, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of small businesses and individuals who have something they need doing, but they simply don’t have the time.  Many freelance jobs, for example, are simply data entry style jobs, where they need you to collate a list for them.  Perhaps they’re putting together a website and it’s a directory, so they need somebody to pull together a list of 100 dentists in 20 major towns across your country.  A job like that could be done quite easily – and once you supply the information to them they sign off the job and you’re paid.

Freelance jobs are respectable – and most websites offering freelance jobs are very careful about the quality of the jobs that are advertised. Most have a very fast turnaround time for payment; most freelance websites work in US$, but there are other currencies you can find work in – and once you’ve been paid in Paypal you can transfer the money to your bank account and it’s in your own currency, or you can use Paypal to convert it to any currency you want.

So far, I’ve been paid for freelancing in US$, GB£, Euros, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars! It’s all money to me – it goes into Paypal and I simply withdraw it from there and Paypal automatically converts it into my currency… so no worries!

Some of the freelancers I know have been regularly picking up quite high paying work for several years now.  They work from home, they pick and choose the jobs or tasks they feel able to do and they “bid” on the work: that is they write a sentence or two about why they can do the job and the rate they’d charge.  Employers increasingly don’t pick the cheapest, but the one they feel will do the best job for the rate they’re asking – and quite often one job turns into two and before you know it that client’s regularly giving you work to do.  If you’ve ever wanted to be a virtual assistant, freelance work is definitely a great way to quickly establish yourself in the marketplace, I met one virtual assistant just last year who relies mostly on the work she can get on the freelance sites – and she’s working full-time to support herself and her husband, and paying their mortgage with her income – she also divulged to me that she’s earning a staggering $35/hour for simple work such as taking telephone calls for consultants and doing copy typing…. upon further discussion I realised she wasn’t even that good a typist, certainly her speeds were atrocious; one thing she did have though is confidence!

Below are some of the best freelance sites you can join:

List of Best Freelance Jobs Websites:

Freelance SiteWebsiteFREE/FEE
FreelancerFreelancer US/Worldwide

Freelancer UK
FREE to join. You pay a small %age of each job you do. Payment assured through the Escrow system.
eLance / UpworkeLanceFREE to join. eLance is now called Upwork; one of the most established freelance marketplaces on the Internet.
Get a CoderGet a CoderFREE to join. Premium membership available for more features. Ideal for IT freelance jobs, e.g. programmers and designers as well as sys admins.

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