YOUR Free List of 10 Top UK Web Surveys!

It’s true that companies will pay you to fill out web surveys online – and a lot of companies have gathered together lists of these companies to persuade you to join their “club”, for a fee. Each individual company though doesn’t charge you anything to sign up and start getting paid to give your opinion by filling out web surveys – so if you can simply track down all the paid web surveys companies and join them (without needing the paid club), then you can do that for yourself. It does take time though – many hours (days, even weeks) to build a huge list of free web surveys sites.

Market Research and survey companies want to get your feedback for their clients. It’s quicker and easier now for these companies to pay people to fill out web surveys online than it is to hire street canvassers to stop shoppers to ask for opinions – the data they gather is also in computer format – and they can ask a pre-screener to ensure they’re only getting answers from exactly the people they want.

A market research company would far rather have a list of 10,000 people aged 30-50 (say) at their beck and call, than to have to send out street canvassers to stop people in the street who “look” 30-50 -and who have the time/are prepared to answer the questions! So it’s no wonder they will pay you for your opinions – you’re not only saving them time and money, but also they get their answers back the same week, instead of it taking months to plan a campaign.

The market research company gets instant feedback in a format it can quickly analyse. Much quicker than employing a street canvasser to fill in forms and return them.

Most web surveys are on behalf of large companies who are developing a new product. Perhaps they want to simply test which name is more appealing and which design of box. By getting instant feedback from several thousand people, they save thousands of pounds setting up street canvassers or just hoping they guessed right.

Sometimes web surveys will pay you for a simple opinion, while some send you a product to use and then want your feedback. These are my favourite as you get to keep the product too. In the past I’ve been paid £10 to try washing up liquid and report back!

Most people who want to work at home will sign up for free web surveys sites as it’s just a little extra coming in each day. Most people who work at home will combine 5-6 ways of earning a living, with each one paying a part of their overall needs – that way you’re protected against any one income stream drying up. Try to make web surveys pay you 10% of what you need, as an initial goal.

Here is a free list of web surveys companies – all free and no joining fees, no outlay. Zero investment.

There is no need to pay somebody for this information. Join them today and start earning money online filling out paid surveys.

CLICK THE LINKS BELOW FOR EACH ONE. Sign up for them all now, it’ll only take you 10 minutes and before you know it you will start receiving paid surveys for cash!! Once you’re signed up, if you find you’re getting too many surveys, you can set up a new email address just for your surveys – some people find it easier, but the days of spam email is probably long gone now.

Web Surveys SitesDetailsCountries
Brand Institute SurveysThe Brand Institute are a highly reputable, international, pharmaceuticals research company - they especially are looking for people working in healthcare. Many nurses and Doctors participate.UK, US
YouGovThis top international market research company, with offices around the world, need survey takers to give opinions about brands and politics. Since 2000, the results of many YouGov polls and surveys are announced on the news and in national newspapers and their data is used for economic indicators. Be part of the voice of your country!UK, US, International

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